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                                                      RULES & REGULATIONS

    1. Boat rentals are at your own risk. Participation in boating activities may be dangerous. Management reserves the right to deny rental.

       Parent or legal guardian required to allow minor participation.

    2. Florida law requires children 6 years of age and under must wear a personal flotation device (PFD). All other occupants must have PFD in their possession. Provided whistles must be aboard canoes & kayaks.

    3. Wearing of life vests at all times helps reduce the risk of drowning.

    4. Alligators can be dangerous! Avoid close encounters with alligators. Do not feed wildlife.

    5. Alcoholic beverages and pets are prohibited.

    6. Do not stay on the water in the event of thunder or lightning.

    7. If your kayak capsizes or swamps, it will continue to float. Hold on to the boat as you make your way to shore.

    8. Please dispose of liter in trash cans at end of trip.

    9. Renter will be required to reimburse the concessionaire for all damaged or lost equipment. Reimbursements will be at replacement costs.

    10. All boats and equipment must be returned at agreed time. Additional charges of $50.00 per hour will begin 15 minutes after the agreed time.